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Clothing is a product or a set of products worn by a person and carrying utilitarian and aesthetic functions. Protects the human body from the negative influence of the environment and performs aesthetic functions — creates an image of a person, demonstrates his social status. Clothing can be made of fabric, knitted fabric, leather, fur and other materials; it can be supplemented with jewelry and accessories.

Basic concepts

Style is a combination of items of clothing, jewelry, accessories to create a certain image corresponding to the situation (festive event), the environment (work environment) and social status. In a broader sense — the ideological and artistic community of visual techniques in the art of a certain period. Traditionally, in the history of costume (as well as in the history of art), the following styles are distinguished: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, classicism, rococo, neoclassicism, Empire, romanticism.
Fashion is a phenomenon of rapid spread and short—term dominance of certain styles of clothing (and its materials) to create the image of a “man keeping up with the times.” Fashion trends are set by the media, clothing manufacturers rely on them when creating collections, consumers.
High fashion is the assignment of certain trends in clothing (materials, style) and accessories for the upcoming season by leading fashion houses. The products of Fashion Houses are produced in small batches and are intended for the privileged strata of society; they are presented at Fashion Weeks.
Season — determines the changeability of collections from clothing manufacturers. Most often, there are two of them — autumn-winter and spring-summer.
The collection is a series of clothing models presented in several styles with different decorative solutions within the same concept.
Silhouette is a form of clothing according to the degree of fit to the body. There are silhouettes adjacent, semi-adjacent, trapezoidal and rectangular.
Clothing model is a term of mass production of clothing; it serves as a reference for serial tailoring.
The quality of clothing is a set of consumer and production properties of products that determines the degree and its suitability for its intended purpose.

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